Secrets of the Heart: 3 Keys to Self-Love

Secrets of the Heart: 3 Keys to Self-Love

Greetings all of you amazing souls!!

As we enter into the time before Valentine’s Day there are many of us who may be feeling a bit left out of the fanfare. Now more than ever we need to find that part of ourselves that is always whispering sweetness to our spirits. Well, I want to let you in on a little secret and that secret is in your heart……chakra! Heart chakra? you say, what is that? I am so excited to introduce you to one of the most important friends you will ever have in your life, the inner voice of your heart. Now let’s dive right into those 3 keys to unlocking your self-love today!


Key 1: Get to know your Heart Chakra!

This energy center is located right in the center of your chest and radiates to between your shoulder blades. This energy Center is designed to create love, compassion, joy and bliss. To connect with your heart, find a few quiet moments and place your palms gently on the center of your chest. Breathe in gently and allow your attention to drift to your heart chakra. Take a moment to say, “Hello being of my heart” and listen for the whispers of your friend. 

Key 2: Unpack those emotional bags now!

Once you have connected with the being of your heart, it is time to tell all of your deepest worries and fears to this being. Unpack all of those emotional bags keeping you from accepting and loving all the parts of yourself. This being is there to listen, support and validate you in all the ways you need.

Key 3: Time to lavish yourself!

Finally, we are ready to redecorate those inner walls of the heart with praise and adoring words of encouragement! Tell the being of your heart how it feels to finally be unpacked of your emotional bags. Reflect on 3 things that you undoubtedly love and adore about the person you are today. Listen as the being of your heart responds with joy.


Try out these 3 easy keys to self-love and share them with the people you care about today! We all deserve joy, love and bliss and now you have a quick way to practice self-love everyday!
With love & joy,
Heather Jacoby
*All writings within this blog are inspired by my teacher Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

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